About Us

About us

The purpose of the Techknowit is to provide greater technological solutions to growing list of clients such as startups, corporates, industrial businesses.

Techknowit has become a household name in Maharashtra, India, but there’s a brilliant meaning beyond the word “Techknowit”. It is derived from three words,

Techknowit = TECH + KNOW+ IT

The word “TECH” is short for Technology, which means ‘Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to achieve practical goals. It can also refer to the products of these efforts, such as tools, machines, and software.’ and the second word ‘Know’ says that ‘To have a practical understanding of something’ and third world is ‘it’ that means used for emphasizing a part of a sentence. In short  Techknowit  means to Know everything about all technology solution.

Our team selected the name “Techknowit” because the meaning was deep and different. This implies our determination and dream towards solving real-world problems of the present and future with the power and knowledge of latest Technology.

We as a software organization exists to solve our client’s problem in an innovative way to drive the ultimate results.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – We are against the notion of over promise and under delivery and this has enabled us to positively qualify our work.
  • Teamwork – Right from our inception days teamwork has always been our driving force.  
  • Respect – We believe in upholding mutual respect at personal and professional levels.


TechKnowIT’s mission is to provide superior, cost-effective products and services that meet the ever-changing needs of our current and prospective clients, while continuing to strive for the highest professional excellence in the delivery of those products and services.Build and maintain long-lasting, consistent, honest and profitable relationships with our customers


Our vision is; “To be Maharashtra-India’s most Trusted and high quality service provider and client centric IT Organisation; to build a place where customers can come to find and discover anything they might want to take trusted Multi Services.”

We have got Industry Expertise that you can rely upon

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